Boris Injac - artist
Lady Justice of Drones XL

Lady Justice of Drones XL

£1,800.00 £1,200.00

This piece was made as a series of 4 pieces. two of those are 150×100 cm and two 75x150cm. All 4 pieces were individually stencilled and spray painted with individually applied 18 karat gold leaf (halo). 2 pieces are in private collections. These pieces were made specifically for a group show called Safe Space in June 2014. Of course, we all feel safe with the justice of modern-day!

It was also created as a little homage to BANKSY who indirectly owes me £900 due to not paying the sculptor for work Banksy commissioned from him for Rodin’s sculpture The Thinker, with a traffic cone on its head. Or that is an excuse I got for not being paid for my work :). Somehow I think one will never know.

Dimension 150×100 cm tall
spray paint, gold leaf on 300g Fabriano paper


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Dimensions150 × 100 cm