Boris Injac - artist



1971. Born, Odžaci, Serbia
1998. Graduated: Central Saint Martins College, London

Boris Injac (b. Odžaci, Serbia, 1971) is a London-based contemporary artist.

After moving to London in 1991, Injac received a place and studio at the Kingsway College of Art and Design, where he engaged in drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, and photography. He received a BTEC diploma in 1995, and following an interview with Central Saint Martin’s (CSM) Head of the Painting, Michael Thorp, he was unconditionally accepted and received a scholarship at the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, where he graduated in 1998 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting. During his studies, he examined contemporary forms of art: installation, audio, performance, and what was then pioneering digital expression, but he always remained close to his drawings and colours.

The rapid advance of technology in the 1990s saw the computer as a new tool for making and creating art. During his studies, Injac worked on the production of experimental electronic music and was a founding member of Symphonic Asylum. In the early 2000s, Injac broke from the materialization of fine arts, but not from overall creativity. He founded a multimedia digital studio under the name Locomotiva and worked in the London Digital World of design, music, animation and videos related to dance culture and the DJ scene. Following this, he returned to his artistic practice and to the art scene itself.

His interests are diverse, and his work is rooted in the topic of displacement with the elements of tragic-comic responses, focusing on questions of the contemporary alienation of human from the humane and man from humanity. As an artist, he is constantly re-examining himself and the space around him; the search and interpretation of various insights in the space and life he inhabits are the main drivers of his work.

He works in a wide range of media and across several disciplines, but now more than ever he is reanimated by classical disciplines of art: drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Injac has exhibited in London at group and solo exhibitions. His works are held in several private collections around the world.