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25/03/2020 Injac

Monday 23 March 2020 – Newington Green, London

(temporary Google translation)

I returned home, and after unpacking I got the desire to tell you a small and short story made of the longest sentences ever read in our Serbian literature and beyond. Such sentence constructions often happen to me when I write a short but interesting message to myself, read it again, come up with ideas, and try to edit and correct it. E then it expands, and “seeeeee prošiiiirrrrriiiii…”

I mean we are friends and of course, this is not for any competition, and I am a creative and not a hygienist or a pedantic and you may find it interesting to read this. A variety of fun and activities need to be added to this “ganc” new “čabar” and adapted explosively in that all-limitation. I can’t and can’t consume just those jokes and memes anymore, because it’s not enough for my current appetite nor for the therapy that will have to follow and prevent us from turning too much.

Sunny afternoon at 5 pm, not warm but it was clear and a bit jagged outside. I returned home half an hour ago, I was not far from Stationers Park in Islington to see my dear friend and fellow artist Wim (Instagram https://www.instagram.com/misterwim/) whom I had not met for three and a half months. because he travelled to those Americas, came back a few days ago and today, March 23, 2020, we are still not limited here with going out, so we decided to see each other, but responsibly and conscientiously, socially distanced and equipped with semi-feasible information tips and implementations personal protection against COVID-19.

We met and greeted each other in front of my house, but not with High Five (not that we usually greet each other, but because of the focus on the joke that follows) but with Wi-Five. and then it ends up in a frozen state as a “mosa” reference from the elementary school of the 80s, and that forum is the best explanation and instruction of this greeting, which I don’t believe will come to life, at least not with me.

We are both glad but somehow we found ourselves in the protocols of a still untested situation and unaccustomed to a new kind of interaction. Soon, however, we took action, and urbanly rode the bikes quickly and started driving. He brought me a mask from Mexico as a gift, the same one is a bit short for me not to say small for my head, so I have clumsy ears (photo attached, cool staged shot), and I gave him a few pairs of surgical-artistic purple latex gloves. We drove to my local park and when we arrived there were about 20 people, there are some, but you don’t have to go very close to them. We found a dry fallen trunk and sat down to set up our mini picnic without food, there is no blanket on the garbage dump or that smiley. I prepared a version of the coffee corretto, which is what the Italians call when you pour hot in espresso, improvised I had that nice bourbon whiskey Marker’s Choice and poured it into a thermos of Italian coffee.

And as someone said on the internet: Maybe right now is not the best time to surround yourself with positive people.
He brought Wim cigars, but at this moment it was a solid dream pastime for us on the scale of world isolation, hey, is there anything you can do ?! tackled contemporary, common, short and undefined issues and topics about the crown and all this crazy time in which we were all surprised. Nothing is even close to me, no process of putting the dice together yet… Because from any of these stories to start, the same thing always comes out: everything is cancelled, everything is on standby and every question does not have the correct answer. It took us about 15 minutes to verbalise, but all of us were constantly silent in our minds and probably even now while reading this story, it haunts your attention. it is astonishing to remember again where we are not, what we are not, we are not protective and how we are in general, both in being and in body and soul, in our courage.

We talked about his trip to Mexico and LA. He talked about fantastic places, people, fellow artists, exhibitions, his studio, works and exhibitions in Mexico, and parties at both visited destinations says the BBC pulled and copied the symbols of his round hologram sticker, now using them as an official sign for the Crown. he says if his royalty payments will be great… Eh those trips (but that may not have the same tone at the moment) are a fantastic and interesting addition to the mental circuit and in my opinion a cultural turbo charge, a wonderful thing before isolations and locks. A person can be inspired and motivated by the memory of his travels for a long period and thus fill his time with beautiful thoughts. And even listening to the stories and experiences of others can be an interesting thing if you are an imaginative, willing and healthy dreamer. Believe it or not, at the moment I can’t remember any of his stories in detail, only some pictures of memories and fragments of stories. My brain wanders wider than usual, it will be a good whiter if I start creating something! I intend to because it is, in a way, my salvation, or at least for now I am invoking and imagining it that way.

Elem, we talked like that for a couple of hours and then we spent an hour sitting for quite a minute