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  • Name my Mannequin Gallery Manager and win prints!

    WIN ONE OF 4 INJAC “Moon Sunbathing” PRINTSTo celebrate the opening of my London exhibition “Prepare, Window, Now!” solo show I am giving away 4 prints “Moon sunbathing” to any lucky person who wants her. To enter the competition you can choose to participate via Instagram or Facebook, or just drop by the gallery and maybe you will be 30th Person to enter the show and win the print!

    I N J A C

    21-26 March 2019
    Prepare, Window, Now! is a series of works made in the beginning of 2018. The series is created by a reactive outburst of quick drawings that observe, relive, and intuitively sketch the spiritual and physical states present in the distancing, separating and parting of people. This topic may be naively honest but it is irreversibly timeless and has brought about the impulse of inspiration for these creations.

    I N J A C