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Boris Injac

Boris Injac is a London based contemporary artist. Boris graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art (Fine Art-painting). His work is inevitably rooted from displacement with elements of tragicomical responses and today’s disconnection of humans from humanity. Injac works with a wide range of mediums across several disciplines.


Previous Exhibitions

2014 – Safe Place – group show, London
2005 – Travel photography – solo show
1998 – High Street Hornsey – solo show, London
1998 – Seven Stars Exhibition – group show
1995 – How to Kill a Water Monster – group show
1992 – Kingsway College – group show
1992 – Looking for the roots – solo show (Crouch End)


2018 Dec. – London (place and date to be announced)
2019 – Serbia (to be announced)

After a period of decontamination, Boris is making a comeback and returning to the art scene. Currently working on a new body of work and preparing for two shows later this year.

Studio location

Boris works from his studio in London and in Serbia (Novi Sad). Prints and artwork can be ordered online, please visit the shop. If you have an enquiry please contact me



Art cannot wear a veil of apparent disinterest.


The year 2018 has started with the reactive boost and creation of artwork observing, experiencing and sketching emotions and thoughts present in separation and distancing. This subject is perhaps naively truthful but definitely timeless topic for an artistic inspiration and as such is a valid initiating energy to begin creating. The new series of printed artwork is digital but hand drawn using modern tools like iPad and stylus that is made into a digital print on quality art paper (around 200-250g). Art prints and other original artwork can be bought on my website. I am currently working on other larger pieces using more traditional mediums. VISIT THE SHOP

Everything is drawing, painting and all art begin with a single mark. I would like to and I do believe that the initial spark and expression of that energy comes from the Divine and later gets shaped by the artist through their work and creation. The creative process is a transcription of spiritual cosmic blasts that are roaming in space and searching for a connection to synchronicity and materialization. Discovered bursts are being intuitively received, harvested and transposed into a piece by comprehension of perceived reason and captured meaning.

One of the mysterious charms of the photography is in its ability to momentarily capture the duality of the perception, what we see and what we feel and perhaps tries to churn and understand of what we also desire. The ongoing connection continually develops with the observation and sensation, of course, this could apply to all of the other creative processes. Someone said making not taking a photo is what it is all about. Some of the best “clicks” were capturing the surprising and quite unpredictive moment in time.


Currently in preparation for my London show, expected sometimes in late November or early December 2018

Show space needed

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