Boris Injac - artist

SULUV NEW members exhibition

The exhibition of new members of the Association of the Fine Artists of Vojvodina

28/02/2019 Injac

8-13 March 2019

With no name in heaven or hell and Vertigo without vision, are two pieces that I exhibited in this show, they are part of a series of works made at the beginning of 2018. The series is created by a reactive outburst of quick drawings that observe, relive, and intuitively sketch the spiritual and physical states present in the distancing, separating and parting of people. This topic may be naively honest but it is irreversibly timeless and has brought about the inspiration for these creations.

The first work in the series, With No Name in Heaven or Hell, forms the introduction to these states which are portrayed in a vortex swarming with faces, bodies and symbols. The work depicts what pulsates and travels through thoughts in slowed down moments that make human life full of challenges and temptations.

Collectively the compositions associated with a purgatory or ritualistic scene, with works also suggesting a mutated state of paired contrasts: dualisms between two versions of reality and the internal struggle of good and evil. It makes some kind of an entity whose vibrating expression is filling and emptying, gliding through a dream and passing through reality until the final fatigue of memory and feelings fade…(this writing is a part of the text for INJAC exhibition: Prepare, Window, Now! )

About the show

Group show exhibition of SULUV members at Svilara-cultural station – Novi Sad, Serbija – exhibiting two pieces in this show from the series of Prepare, Window, Now!

The exhibition of new members of the Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina (SULUV) will open on Friday, 8th March at 8 pm, at the Cultural Center “Svilara” (Djordje Rajkovića 6b) Novi Sad, Serbia and will last until 13 March 2019. The exhibition presents twenty newlywed members of SULUV, selected by the Artistic Council of the Association. New members are young artists from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, as well as artists with many years of experience who are noticed in the country and abroad.

Among them are representatives of bio-art, artists working in the field of performance, visual poetry and mail-art, artists who work with archives and those who create in classical and new fine arts. Of these twenty artists, eleven will be presented by a solo exhibition by the end of the year at the Gallery of the Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina (SULUV), so this exhibition also represents a kind of announcement of the annual program of the Gallery, which will contain over thirty events in total.