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Mission early 2019

Mission early 2019
11/02/2019 Injac

Current Mission

Last year I wrote: After a period of decontamination, Boris is making a comeback and returning to the art scene. Ahh Ok, I have been doing that and trying to flirt and charm that old flame art fatal back into my lair, tough cookie but we are good and will get there. On 21st March 2019. I have a private view, one-man show in Londønworks studio gallery, Camden LDN. Really looking forward to this show, so hope to see you there! Work wise, currently, I am sizing up the challenge of some larger pieces for my solo show in London and another one later this summer in Novi Sad. I have a few other exhibitions and some ideas in a pipeline for the future. Please check my blog pagefor more information on upcoming exhibitions, projects, collaborations and news.