Boris Injac - artist

Safe Place 2014 London, The Master Shipwright’s House

Safe Place 2014 London, The Master Shipwright’s House
06/06/2014 Injac



On the 7th/8th of June 2014 we are going to be in LONDON with our international art exhibition, this moment is extra special because as you all know, Safe Place was born here in 2008, in the meanwhile we have travelled across Europe, and planning to encounter many more amazing artists, beautiful people, and special moments, in as many countries as we can enter. It has been such a long time since we have seen all of you, and we are hoping to meet you once again during Safe Place London 2014!!!

During this evening Safe Place provides her visitors with, live performances, DJs, food, art, and a one-of-a-kind interactive experience.


Safe Place is a synergy of artists, designers, performers, writers and musicians. The essence of Safe Place is the investigation of what a safe place embodies.

Participant Artists take you on their unique journey through the world of imaginary landscapes, experiencing and sharing each other’s works creating a fusion that is deployed to a larger coherent collective experience.

The visitor/spectator also has a share in Safe Place. During the opening dinner the visitor will be invited to participate with all their senses.

What you see, smell, taste, feel and hear is the menu for this evening.

In addition to the exhibition there is also a Safe Market Place, which operates in A Pop-Up Recycling hyper-store formula where art, clothing, design, literature, and biological food is offered. This is also accessible online.

Consumption patterns and production processes are subordinated to the ecological, sustainable, socially-friendly ideas of Safe Place and its daughter operatives.

This event will feature the work of approximately 20 artists, occupying the Master Shipwrights House, across the whole weekend.

Artists: Zoe Hamilton-Peters, Zusi Rongen, Valentina Di Maio, Janet Currier, Boris Injac, Jaya , Victoria Vintage, ‘La Gosse & Niko T’ Aka SIBLINGS, Der 5te Roboter, Arno Tegelaers, Hey Maggie- Josh Cigano Parnell, Matthew Cox, Jules Madjar, Josh Lambert Price, Trent Castro, Mark Camateras, Jimmy Ross, and many more.

Tickets & program

Saturday 7th of June 18.00 – 23.00

Private view: to register yourself WE INVITE YOU TO MAKE A donation of £19 which includes a 3 course dinner and 2 drinks (wine/ beer), performance shows, dj’s and vj’s.
The guest list is limited and closes on 7th of June 14.00

Sunday 8th of June 12.00 – 17.00 open viewing.
No reservation needed