Boris Injac - artist


  • Mission 2020 AKA Vision 20/20

    2020 is a year where we had the COVID-19 global pandemic and March was when it all started in Europe. CoVENI CoVIDI CoVICI, Studio Vacuumisation, Vision20/20 and BREATHLESS .. Home theatre in the time of Corona. are series of works I have started or created during this time. Below is a small excerpt from the poem that sums up year 2020. You can find the full version under the news section of the website

    …I cannot wait for a new day,
    I sleep like it’s going out of fashion,
    I sleep like we’re going to run out of dreams.

    I cannot wait for a new day,
    I open my eyes early but I get up so late,
    The antichrist fails his toilet paper heist and fades…

  • Mission 2019

    Last year I wrote: After a period of decontamination, Boris is making a comeback and returning to the art scene. On 21st March 2019. I had the premier opening of Prepare, Window, Now! show in Londønworks studio gallery, London. Currently just opened Pripremi, Prozor, Sad! solo exhibition on display until 2nd August 2019 in SULUV gallery Novi Sad.  I have a few other shows and some ideas in a pipeline for the near future. At the moment I am sizing up the challenge of some larger pieces in preparation for the upcoming new show this autumn in London. Please check my news page for more information on upcoming exhibitions, projects, collaborations and news.