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  • Mission 2020 AKA Vision 20/20

    2020 is a year where we had the COVID-19 global pandemic and March was when it all started in Europe. CoVENI CoVIDI CoVICI, Studio Vacuumisation, Vision20/20 and BREATHLESS .. Home theatre in the time of Corona. are series of works I have started or created during this time. Below is a small excerpt from the poem that sums up year 2020. You can find the full version under the news section of the website

    …I cannot wait for a new day,
    I sleep like it’s going out of fashion,
    I sleep like we’re going to run out of dreams.

    I cannot wait for a new day,
    I open my eyes early but I get up so late,
    The antichrist fails his toilet paper heist and fades…

  • VISION 20/20 – ReArtCore® Studio – London

    March – November 2020

    ReArtCore® Studio – London